This page dedicated for Aviation Martyr 1LT. Pilot Goksel Dogan

…Rest in Peace...

Goksel Dogan was born in Islahiye at 10.04.1952. His father is Ramazan Dogan and mother is Fatma Karabacak. Graduated from the primary School of Sacikara village from town of Kadinhani of Konya city. Graduated from the Secondary School at 1967 from the part of the Bafra High School. He got scholarship from the Turkish goverment during his high school education. He started to high school at Abdurrahman Pasa High School in Kastamonu then completed the high school at Konya Gazi High School. His entrance of the Turkish Air Force Academy was the 1970 and graduated at 1973 from the Turkish Air Force Academy. He promoted a 1st Lt (First Lieutenant) at 30 August of 1976 in the Turkish Air Force.

1LT. Goksel Dogan Was worked between;

Goksel Dogan was the strongest stone of the Turkish Air Force and was shining also his sportive activities and his championships. He represented and honored many times to Turkish Air Force with his strongest sportive success.

Some of his degrees are below;

When the date was 28 January 1977.When Goksel Dogan was worked at 1st. Main Air Jet Military Base, he was flying with F4-E Phantom Jet Fighter Plane with Captain Ali Ilker Ozguler and their task was the radar prevent task. During their military task with dogfight demonstration their air plane crashed. The reason of the crash is the most common bug of F4-E Phantom problem. And both of our high valued military pilots became a martyr(sehit).

1st Lt Goksel Dogan is one of the first F4 Phantom fighter jet pilot in Turkish Air Force in Turkey and he is the first F4 Phantom air martyr(sehit) with Captain Ali Ilker Ozguler in Turkish Air Force in Turkey. On the other hand 1st Lt Goksel Dogan is the first martyr(sehit) of the city of Konya in Turkey in the history of Turkish Republic. Rest in Peace.

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